Best Birthday Gifts for Dad

So it’s again that time of the year for you, when you start looking for best and most unique birthday gifts for dad.

Well, this time you have just landed to a perfect place and your search will most probably end here.

In this article, we are suggesting top 5 birthday gift for dad, so that it will help you to make your decision better and faster and we are sure, any of this gift is going to amaze your dad, just like the way you want it to be.

This list of gift suggestion has been carefully listed down after taking into consideration lot of factors. Just have a look at all these items and see what best will be suitable for your dad and just go ahead and gift it!

List of top 5 cool birthday gifts for dad

1. Retro Flip Down Clock

birthday gifts for dadniceeshop(TM) Retro Flip Down Clock

Retro Flip Down Clock has made to the top of this list, for a simple reason that it retro flip functioning looks insanely cool and surely going to amaze any men out there and your father will be a no exceptional either in this case.

Everyone owns at least one table watch at one point of life, whether you have remembered it or not.

So, how did such an important thing start to slowly vanish from everyone’s life?

It’s a simple thing, it lacked innovation and didn’t so it started fading out.

But, with this Flip clock, bring the clock back to your desktop in whole new way with all the attention it deserves. Your Dad will be proud to own it and thankful to you.

This fully functional watch, is surely going to bring some good time for your dad!


2. 3d printing pen

Boost-your-father-creativity-this-birthday3D Printing Pen for Dad

Is your dad, one of those creative people who love to build stuff by their own, instead of simply buying it?

Then this 3D pen is something he will surely love to have. This would be like introducing his passion with technology.  There is no reason a creative person won’t like this, this 3D pen gives a freedom to bring imagination in 3D, which has hardly possible few years ago.

The best thing about this 3D pen is that it is ultra easy to use, almost like plug and play and doesn’t need any fancy software requirement or special skills to operate this.

One can easily control extrusion speed, temperature and filament. Moreover this model is light weight as compared to other similar devices out there and even has unclogging mechanisms technology which prevents jamming, which was a major concern in earlier model.

So according to us, this is one of the best 3D pen out there available.

With this 3D pen, you can show up your creativity too. Like by writing his name in 3D or making a 3D cake and writing his name on it. Sounds cool right, you can even get print out of different of few of the endless thing this pen could make or recommend some respective youtube channel, which will only help to boost his creativity.

There is no better joy then seeing you father catch up a new hobby!


3. EveryDrop Premium Water Filter

Water-filter-for-dadWater Filter by Whirlpool, Amazon Exclusive

Is your dad very particular about taste of water and doesn’t like to compromise on it?

Then this EveryDrop Premium water filter is what should be in your top of the list to gift him.

This filter removes out all the unpleasant taste that are sometimes present in water and will give you neutral and perfect taste every time.

It includes 1 blue everydrop water filter, 1 protective travel case and 2 micro contaminant replacement filters. Micro contaminant replacement filter reduces chlorine and chloramine, which can cause unpleasant taste and odor in your water. It can filter 1 gallon of water in just 2 minutes.

One needs to replace filters after every 2 months or after 60 gallons of usage (which is approximately 450 water bottles)

Now, you can give your dad the perfect odorless water for drinking and even to make a perfect cup of coffee every time.


4. Super Shelf

Coolest-gift-your-daddy-will-love“Supershelf” – Floating Shelf – Your Father will love this!

Is your daddy a super dad?

Then what could be the best birthday gift for dad other than making him feel that way again?!

Well, you don’t have to do anything out of the way to prove that, a simple unique gift could easily do that for you.

Here, I am talking about this amazing book stand, which cleverly mounts on the wall and super-hero figure just beneath it, giving it an illusion of book levitation.

It is made of metal and can maximum old weight of 3.5 Kg, which will be sufficient to hold 3-4 books.

Any book loving dad would simply love to have it.

If you would like to go a step further to surprise him further, just install this in his room and let him figure this out, he will simply amazed to see it.

Don’t forget to stick a Super dad sticker on that super – hero figure, to make it look even more appealing!


5. Classic Newton cradle

birthday-gifts-for-dadClassic Newtons Cradle

Want to gift your dad something classy, simple and mesmerizing?

Well, I am not telling you get to buy 3 gift items, but it’s all in just one thing.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

What I am talking about is classic Newton cradle, which shows the laws of conservation of momentum and energy.

This fun physics demonstrator, will be surely appreciated as gift, specially if you father admires science.

This classic desk decoration is an endlessly entertaining demonstration of scientific principles, and it makes a great gift, too!

If you are not sure about other things, you can anytime go for this gift!


Hope you loved all our recommendation and found it useful! Do share your thoughts on our recommendation of birthday gifts for dads with us, we would love to hear anytime from you.

We at purposely don’t make a long list of recommendation, as we believe it hardly helps and instead confuses the visitor more!

We like to keep things, short, simple and useful instead of bombarding our visitor with all endless suggestion.

Have a great day!

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