Birthday Presents For Boyfriends

Still wondering about the perfect birthday presents for your boyfriend?

Look no more, here we have listed that 5 gifts for which most of the boys will fall in love instantly.

These fun birthday gifts are way ahead of your regular gift items but are not less than extra ordinary.

Girls, it’s time to be different this year, go an extra mile by gifting him one of these gifts or all of them!

This will be something he would truly love and care for just the way he loves you!

It’s time be his “SUPER GIRL”

Top 5 best birthday presents for boyfriends

1. 3-liter American Oak Barrel

Top Birthday Present for Boyfriend

Checkout this cool Gift

By now you might be aware that your boyfriends second love is the Beer, no doubt you are his top love interest.

This cute little handcrafted Oak barrel is enough for any boy to melt for it.

Now, imagine who much impact it would create when you gift him this, his one love gifting his other love!

Sounds like a great gift? Yes, it’s great!

With this you are even giving him the opportunity to take up a cool hobby that he would love to excel at.

With this barrel he could age his own Whiskey, Beer, Wine, Bourbon, Tequila & much more…..

If you are now convinced to gift him this, don’t forget to also get this book (How to Brew Beer) by Jeff King

This gift will also be a symbol of a serious relationship you would like to have with him, just like beer tastes better with time, so does your relationship will….

You can use such catchy lines as a hand written tag on this gift….


2. Cool Book Ends

Is your boyfriend a big fan of sci-fiction, super heroes, anime, games and stuff like that?

Then why not give him some unique birthday present related to it!

How about a cool portal bookend?

Portal Book end gift

This easy to use item will give an innovative touch to any bookshelf to goes to.

This is rigid, durable and made out of metal o it can actually hold books in properly.

This will geeky birthday gift will surely be loved by your boyfriend and he would love to keep it on display!

Are you still not impressed by portal bookend and looking for something even more?

Well, we have it for you!

Now, how about Katana Bookends?!

Cool Katana Bookend present on birthday of boyfriend

Is this thing for thing for real?

Well, actually you can thank magnet to make this trick possible, yes magnets are great! We all love magnets….

Don’t worry, sword is not metal it’s a plastic so nobody’s getting hurt.

What you have to do here is place the metal “L” shaped bracket inside the first and last book’s covers.

I would recommend to use some old books that you don’t use much in the first and last book place, so you don’t have to adjust every time.

Otherwise everything looks cool and sexy!


3. BBQ Set with Aluminum Storage Case

BBQ set as a boyfriend birthday gift

Get This gift for him this Birthday

What could be more memorable than having a private BBQ dinner with your boyfriend on his birthday is some quite and romantic place and later gifting him that BBQ set itself….

Sounds too cheesy, isn’t it?

But once in while you should do this, it’s fun.

BBQ set as gift will be great birthday present for boyfriend if he loves cooking and throwing party. You all could have a cool BBQ party in your own backyard with friends and family on weekend and also a great companion for your next holiday.

This is an 18 piece barbeque set that comes in an aluminum casing and includes fork, tongs, knife, grill-cleaning brush, basting brush, 4 steak knives, 8 corn holders, etc….

The utensil and handles are strong, well built and sturdy.

The price tag it comes with is easy on your pocket as compared to other related BBQ set out there with compromising on quality.

In short, this will be a beautiful ideal Birthday present.


4. Star Wars Yoda Candy Holder

Funny gift for BF

This is what he wants for his Birthday

Did you go crazy in 2015 with Star wars: The force awakens and just can’t stop discussing about it and fell in love with it, just like everyone else?

So, gifting Star War merchandise would be a good option too….

And what could be better then Yoda candy holder.

This 50 cm tall looks so real just like it looks in picture and comes with a removable plastic bowl.

Bowl is big enough to accommodate number of chocolates to impress anyone, of course in place of chocolates one can keep other similar stuff, your BF will figure out this well.

The back of the statue is flat and designed to stand flush against the wall.

So, what do you think about his cool gift?

Yoda will now be t your service, serving you chocolates, cookies, fruits, keys, etc


5. Leap Motion Controller for Mac or PC

Make your boyfriend iron man

Make your BF Dream, a reality!

Want to see your boyfriend controlling his Mac or PC like iron-man does?

Well now you can somewhat make this wish come true with this leap control device.

This may not be an actual replacement for keyboard and mouse as for now, as this technology is in its nascent stage and evolving but none the less, for now it lets you interact with applications using motion control.

It comes with the required software and free apps that support leap motion and more can be downloaded from Leap Motion App Store.

This is going to be a part of the next big thing world is about to see in the world of technology and this birthday present for your boyfriend will let him taste the future today.

If he is a technology enthusiast then you can see him figuring out cool things and shortly he won’t look less than a magician.

The price at which this comes at is certainly not cause a huge burn to pocket in return of amazing things it does!


For now this is the end of best birthday presents for boyfriends. The main motto of this website is to list down only the best, unique gifts and not populate every page with hundreds of gifts and confuse our visitor.

Till now you would have figure out which of these gifts suits the best for your boyfriend and even may be excited to order something for yourself too, aren’t you?

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