Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

Still having a hard time figuring out the best birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend?

Look no more, we are here to your rescue for suggesting top 5 awesome gift ideas that he would definitely like and love you like crazy for gifting him the same.

Sounds cool, right?

Now that’s the magic exceptional gift could do and probably could spice up your existing relationship.

But the toughest part is there are tons of birthday gift ideas out there and majority of them are just ordinary conventional gift that never succeeds in blowing up your boyfriends mind like you desire.

We here at filter out the best from these tons of gift to present only the best in front you, that’s what we do everyday…..

You can just pick any of this that perfectly fits into your criteria.

We make sure to present best of all type of gifts, so at least one of them fits your condition in every aspect and you can confidently go ahead and surprise your loving boyfriend!

Top 5 Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

1. PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Boyfriend Birthday Gifts

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There is no single reason I can think of why any boy won’t love this wonderful piece of technology which is smartly designed and capable of making a paper airplane into motorized machine.

Yes, this is happening right now and now there’s an opportunity to gift this to your boyfriend and impress him before anyone else does.

Its crash proof design makes this a durable product.

To control this device you don’t need to purchase expensive, bulky and not so user friendly controller, one can control it right from their smart phone (iOS and Android friendly) via Bluetooth with a help of a dedicated App that comes with it. Charging this device is friendly too as it has a regular micro USB port.

Operating this efficiently could be bit tricky in beginning, but I am sure your boyfriend will soon figure it out well and become a pro in it soon.

Everyone is curious to control something that actually flies and this is best thing to give wings to that curiosity and make him feel happy about your gift!


2. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Birthday gift he will surely love

Cool Birthday GIFT idea for your boyfriend

This is something every boy would love to own but somehow most of them don’t make it and this remains in their wish list forever.

This is your chance to grab this opportunity and fulfill one of his almost forgotten wish.

Everybody loves foosball and if somebody has not given it a try, then it’s even better than they would instantly fall in love for it.

The fun of playing football and the comfort of your home is together what combines foosball and that’s what it makes it special.

Make your boyfriend a pro in foosball and let him challenge up his friend in it and see him win!

Or maybe you both should it a try; it will be fun…..

Playing surface is 40.5 in X 23 in (LxW)

And price that comes along with the product is fairly reasonable as compared to other expensive table in same category.


3. Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Gift him his first drone on his Birthday

Get your’s Aerial photograph Today

Drones are the latest trending gadgets among this generation and this specially applies to boys, they just love to show off their flying skills right in their own backyard.

With the ever evolving drones coming in market, it’s just getting better and better not only in terms of stability but also in terms of features it comes along with.

So, if your boyfriend doesn’t have any drone or looking to buy one, then you take up this opportunity and gift him a drone that he would love to have.

But the real problem is there are not dozens but hundreds of different variation of drones out there and choosing the one that perfectly suits your needs could be a daunting job. Moreover this drones come with a wide range of a price tag.

So as to make your job simple we have picked just 1 drone, that is not that high on your pocket and will suit your requirement perfectly. Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera will be a perfect birthday gift idea for your boyfriend, which is trusted by hundreds of people already using it.

As this drone is fitted with a high quality camera, you can take aerial photo or an aerial video shoot.

How cool that sounds doesn’t it?

Imagine uploading yours aerial photo on facebook, surely going to attract a lot of eye balls or uploading your Aerial video on youtube.

This could be the perfect gift any boyfriend would love to have, it has all the elements he needs in a perfect gift….


4. 3D Pen

BF Birthday present

 Any Boy will simply love this gift

Is your boyfriend a creative guy or a designer or simply loves building things in his spare time?

In that case, finding the perfect birthday present for him will be even easy task for you.

You know his passion, so gifting something that will fuel up his creativity will be great option and what could be better than a 3D pen.

3D pen is a perfect example of technology beautiful integrated with art.

This is must have all creative people who would like to build up their skills.

This is pretty easy to operate and is the improved variant of 3D pen initially released; with this you can control the speed, temperature and filament.

This is not only a fun thing but a much productive thing when in the hand of the right person and I am sure you and boyfriend can well figure this out.

Let your imagination go wild and start building beautiful objects that were not possible before and the price at which this comes is not at all bad as compared to awesome things that it delivers.


5. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Funny gift for boyfriend

Funniest thing you can him this Birthday

Looking forward towards gifting some ridiculously crazy gift for your boyfriend on his birthday?

Then this could be it a “Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game”

This is surely going to make anyone laugh.

Gone are the days when people use to read newspaper and magazine during potty times, even scrolling your facebook feed is boring at times.

This game will take your potty time to whole new level.

It doesn’t help you kill time but it’s entertaining too.

This gift is recommended as a supplementary funny gift with your main birthday gift.


Hope you are now clear about getting the best boyfriend birthday gift for him this year. If you are still not sure if any of the above 5 gifts is going to work perfectly for you, don’t worry we have more awesome boyfriend birthday gift ideas suggestion in below article!!


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