Cool Birthday gifts for girls

Choosing the right birthday gifts for girls has never been an easy task ever. No matters how well you know her or how long you both have been together.

It just doesn’t matter, for one simple reason that girls are just unpredictable. They might like one thing today and they might not like the same thing the very other day!

I guess, you know this better than me….

Only time you can be sure that she will love her gift is only when if that gift is unique, great and useful all at same time.

The challenge here is to find one such gift. Well, to make your job easy here we have not listed 1 but 5 such gifts to choose from, so you can be pretty sure to impress your girl on her birthday!

List of 5 cool unique birthday gifts for girls

1. Wine bottle and glass holder

birthday-gifts-for-girls-wine-holderWine Glass and Bottle holder

This 5 piece stainless steel outdoor wine bottle and glass holder is one of the strong contenders for the perfect gift you can choose from for her birthday.

This is something new, innovative and attention grabbing gift just what a girl expects from a great gift. It will be a great addition to her outdoor party and hangout.

It includes 4 Glass Holders & 1 Bottle Holder. Bottle holder can easily hold most bottle sizes securely. This will make sure there is no spill, which is usually a problem when enjoying your drink outside.

So, if your girl is wine enthusiast, then go ahead with this without giving it a second thought, because she is going to love it.


2. Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

birthday gifts for girlsZen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

Gifts will come and go, but there are hardly few things that will ever become part of someone’s life. You need to take this as an opportunity and find that one gift that can truly become part of her life.

For this, you don’t need to spent a fortune and but this simple bonsai plant can easily and efficiently do the trick.

Bonsai literally translates to planting a tree in a pot.

This little bonsai tree looks admirable, as it gives an illusion of an aged miniature tree which one can place anywhere in home.

This is another awesome gift, which you should seriously consider, if you want something to last really long and be memorable.


3. Nostalgia CFF986 4-Tier 2-Pound Capacity Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain

chocolate-fountain-for-girls-on-birthdayStainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Looking forward on fulfilling one of your girls dream on her birthday?

Then this chocolate fountain is one thing you should go ahead with.

This is because of one simple reason that, all girls love chocolate and having gifting them a chocolate fountain, would be not less than a dream come true for them.

Just imagine your girl having her personal chocolate fountain right in her home, how happy she would be?!

She would be really glad to get this from you and will be absolutely thankful to you!

This 4 tier Nostalgia chocolate fountain has the capacity to hold 2 pounds of melted chocolate.

It’s easy to assemble and clean and also comes with separate inbuilt heat and motor control buttons on back of unit.

The overall height of this machine is around 18” tall.

If you are not sure about anything, then this could be safest gift in list that she would love to have!

Al the best!


4. Cotton hammock

Bonsai-as-birthday-giftHandmade Cotton Hammock by Mayan Artisans

Still confused about a good birthday gifts for girls?

May be you should go for this cotton hammock by mayan artisans, who have handcrafted this to perfection for a soft, comfortable and relaxed experience you could think of.

This will make your girl turn into a baby and she could simply sleep comfortably for hours only to be fully energized when she wakes up.

It is made of 80% cotton and 20% nylon for to provide a combination of comfort and weight resistance experience.

This is a family size, so it could comfortably hold up to 770 lbs of weight, which good enough to hold a single family.

This is what relaxation is all about, lying comfortably in backyard in this hammock and staring at sky, with cool breeze blowing or taking a nap.

If this sounds so good, then experiencing would be even more heavenly.

So, let your girl hop on this and float away!

Believe me you won’t be disappointed by gifting this hammock.


5. Doubled wall Glass Mug

doubled-wall-mugDouble-Wall Insulated Thermo Borosilicate Mug

Running tight on budget or looking for a supplementary birthday gift for her?

But, still want to gift her something cool and amazing?

Well, then you could go for this doubled wall glass coffee mug.

You might think that she would be already having a dozen of coffee mugs and gifting her another mug mould make no sense.

But, this is cool and innovative coffee mug that she will surely love and it would become her favorite mug soon.

This mug is sure to sideline her whole collection of coffee mugs.

It is made of high quality, BPA-free, lightweight, thermal borosilicate clear glass and is freezer and microwave safe and has a capacity: 250 ml.

Hope you loved our collection of unique birthday gifts for girls and found it useful for selecting the right gift for your girls birthday!

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