Special Birthday gifts for husband

I guess you have reached here in search of an exciting birthday gifts for husband, so that you can thrill him on his birthday!

Till now, you might have received countless gifts from your husband on number of occasion, just to make you happy and see a smile in your face, once I received a stroller for our baby that my husband bought in a babystrollercenter.
Now, it’s your time to return the favor by gifting him the most unique and useful Birthday present that your husband will love to have from you.
It’s time to show him, how blessed he is to have an awesome wife like you!
There is just one hurdle for bringing this to reality and that what is the best thing to gift him, out of the thousands and thousands of gifts available in the market?
Well, this is where we come to rescue, by suggesting and presenting you only the best, unique birthday gifts for husband that he will surely love to have!

Top 5 Birthday gifts for husband

1. Rusty Beer caddy

birthday gifts for husbandRustic Wood Beer Caddy – Coolest thing for husband

This Handcrafted beer caddy is something that will be loved by any men out there. No matter if he is a regular drinker or an occasional drinker, he will love to have this.
It comes with a thick nylon rope instead of regular wooden rigid handle, this doesn’t only adds to its awesome looks but also helps to keep your knuckles clear of bottle caps for a comfortable experience.
In addition to this, it comes with an attached rustic style bottle opener, so he doesn’t need to carry any extra accessories that are usually forgotten during campaign.
Moreover, just below the bottler opener, there is a magnetic bottle cap holder, which I personally think is nice add-on to the whole caddy.
This birthday gift is something you can be sure your husband will love, so without giving it a second you can go for it.

2. Bullet casing cufflinks

Cufflin-birthday-gifts-for-husbandBullet Casing Cufflinks by Cuff – Daddy

Bullet casing cufflinks is one more thing that will be absolutely loved by any husband and getting this as a birthday gift from you will be more special for him.
This might seem like a small gift to you, but it will be greatly appreciated by your husband for gifting him this unique gift.
This cufflinks is made of rhodium-plated-brass.
This gift is so much loved by men mainly for 2 reasons, first of all this gift is manly, and men love manly things and other reason being this is unique and out of box, which separates it from other usual gifts out there.

3. Fondue Mugs

Fondue-mug-for-hubbyPersonal Fondue Mugs for Hubby

If you are still not impressed by both gifts suggested above and still looking for something more unique and special?
Don’t worry we have got that for you.
A Founde Mug as Birthday gift for husband will be something; he would love to add to his collection.
Kovot Personal Fondue Mugs set includes 2 fondue mugs and 4 forks.
One can easily melt chocolate and cheese and use it number of wide variety of fruit, veggies or bread.
What makes this ceramic mug awesome is that, it has a opening in bottom for tea-light. Mugs doesn’t come with tea light, make you have the tea light or buy one with one this.
Now you both don’t need to visit any fancy restaurant every time you crave for a fondue, you can simply have it instantly at comfort of your home.
This sounds like a cool birthday gift, isn’t it?

4. Whiskey stones

this-is-what-husband-needs-on-birthdayBest Gift for husband

Whiskey stones are the one such thing that, when any men across it they will instantly desire to own it, specially if whisky is his drink of choice.
So, if your husband still doesn’t own whisky stones, probably he hasn’t across it or is clueless where to buy one from.
This is your chance to cash in this opportunity and wrap this as Birthday gift for husband.
This whisky stones, are not a replacement of ice, it won’t instantly chill your drink, you need to refrigerate the stone for at least 3-4 hours before. Then you need to place 2-3 stones in the glass, of course depending on the size of the glass. Then pour your drink on the rocks, and let it stay therefore couple of minutes and it will make the drink 8 and 15 degrees colder.
This stone unlike ice won’t dilute in the drink, so is a better replacement for people who prefer drink in its natural way maintain its aroma and taste. This natural Granite Whiskey Stones are non-porous meaning they will not absorb other odours or flavours that may tarnish your drink.
Beside whiskey it can also be served along with scotch, Bourbon or Tequila. It’s all on you! How would you like to use it.
This stones are reusable and ultra easy to clean and store. To clean, you need to just rinse it in flowing water.
This stones comes in a impressive box, so it will definitely prove to be an excellent gift for your husband on his birthday!

5. Mini Wood Bowling

Birthday-gifts-for-husbandFunny Gift for husband Birthday

Did all of the above gift recommendation failed to impress you? Or are you looking for some light hearted, funny yet effective gift?
Then this desktop wooden blowing is something you should seriously give a thought.
It includes ten 1.25″ white bowling pins, and one 0.5″ metal bowling ball.
It’s easy to setup and fun to play.
Your husband will love to keep in this B’day gift in his office or home desk.
Hope you liked our top 5 Birthday gift for husband suggestion. If this helped you or you have any suggestion, feel free to contact us.

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