Top 5 best birthday gifts for men

Searching for the best and most unique birthday gifts for men?

Your search ends here; you have now landed in the right place.

Here, in this article we have listed down top 5 gifts you could choose from, so you could select the best gift from it, according to your requirement.

We have made a really short list so this could actually help you in taking a decision instead of recommending you hundred of things and rather confuse you.

Interesting part here is all our recommendations are best and unique, which would be definitely loved by most of the men out there.

Only thing you need to do here is to select the one of this 5 gift that you think, would suit him the best and that’s it!

Just go ahead and gift him that and help him celebrate his Birthday!

List of top 5 birthday gifts for men

1. Floating Bluetooth speaker

Coolest-birthday-gifts-for-menWireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Irrespective of age or anything, we all love magic!

It is something that has been always thrilled humanity for centuries.

Now, you have a chance to grab this opportunity and gift him something magical!

This levitating Bluetooth speaker is not less than a magic. Technically it levitates due to magnetism, but looks like magically floating.

Looks cool, isn’t it?

There is more to this, it is a fully functional speaker, with excellent sound quality and giving sound a 3D effect. It also has a built-in NFC function so any Smartphone or tablet with NFC function can pair automatically.

This could turn out to be the perfect gift, which is the perfect balance of science and music.

This floating Bluetooth speaker is definitely one of a kind.


2. Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island 6-Person Capacity

Unique birthday gifts for menInflatable Floating Island 6-Person Capacity

The person for whom you are looking gifts, is the one who likes to party hard or just enjoy being weird, amazing and cool all at same time?!

Then this is the one thing you should seriously take into consideration.

A float-able raft which could comfortably accommodate 6 people at a time.

Now just imagine you own this and think about the possibility of fun you could have with this on your next picnic or weekend with your friends or family.

Sounds good isn’t it? Yes, definitely yes because it is good to have one and gift one.

Just go ahead with this, without giving it an extra thought!


3. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Collection Snow Cone Maker

Magical-birthday-giftVintage Collection Snow Cone Maker

Looking for cool birthday gifts for men?

Well, here we literally have a cool gift, literally.

Gift him this snow cone maker and make snow make right in comfort of your home in minutes.

One need to add ice cubes and this machine shreds it and your ice cone is ready!

Then it time to add your favorite flavored syrup or even multiple flavored syrup to enhance its taste and look.

This is specially great for summers and when you are always in search for something cool, juicy and sweet to keep yourself chilled.

This could even prove out to be a great addition for your house party or treat your friends and family with free snow cone!


4. Dream Cheeky 358 iLaunch Thunder for iPhone Electronic Reference Device

Get This here

If you prefer to gift something that is more innovative, gaming and funny for his present birthday, then this iOS controlled foam missile launcher is what you should go for.

The coolest of thing is that it can be controlled with iPhone or Ipad, with a free app which you can get from Apple’s App store.

This takes love for mobile gaming to whole new level; you could rotate the device 270 degree and launch 4 foam missiles at a time up to 25 inch distance, right from your iPhone.

You can use this to prank your friends, if you know what I mean it.

This could even be a great fun thing to have in office and start shooting at your friends or challenge them in aiming.

A really fun thing to have or to gift someone….


5. Ninja coat hangers

Ninja-coat-hanger-as-Bday-giftNinja Coat Hooks

Want to turn your husband or boyfriend into Ninja and make his dream come true?!

Well, not exactly but you could surely gift him this cool Ninja coat hooks.

If you are little tight on budget and looking for something cool in low price, then this is the thing you should go for.

Pack includes 2 Ninja coat hooks, shaped like a ninja throwing star and one point engineered into a wall screw and measures 4 inch in diameter.

Here ends our top 5 best birthday gifts for men, we hope this list helped you to make a better choice….

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