Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband

So, it’s that time of the year again when you furiously go for a birthday gift hunting session for your husband, brainstorming every possible ideas and gift you can think of.
While every year your aim is to gift him far more than extra ordinary but let’s admit every time you settle more or less for the same and very much ordinary, boring and of course useless gifts item.
But, this year it’s going to be different as you are now in the right place where we come to your rescue to suggest just the right birthday gift ideas for husband you have been looking for all this while.

Before I start suggesting you the birthday gift ideas, let me tell you why you should get perfect gift for him this year
First of all it’s his birthday this is enough to call for a celebration.
Secondly, he has probably brought you a number of gifts for you all this years just to make you feel special and happy.
You may not be aware but he has taken a number of efforts to find that perfect gift you loved so much. So, it’s time for you to return the favor with love, to go an extra mile and find that perfect gift he would not only love but excited and proud to own.
He certainly deserves the best.

This is how your love and relationship is going to further spice up.
Keep showing your love and care for him through your action and not just mere words, your one step towards him is enough to inspire him to take rest of the steps towards you.
This is how men’s are programmed, they love their partner to take an initiative at some point of time.

Even if you already have few things in mind, I would recommend you to read this birthday gift ideas suggestion, because you might change your mind till the end. As men’s usually don’t like every other thing you see in gift shop, that’s just another piece of junk for him.

So what do men’s like?
They like something that is cool and could be used in his day to day life. Something he could proudly show to his friends and colleagues. They don’t like showpiece or ordinary collectibles no matter how beautiful or expensive it may be.

Here are some of the extra ordinary Birthday Gift ideas for husband, that he would love to have!

1. 3-liter American Oak Barrel

Top Birthday Present for Boyfriend

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This is something your husband would fall in love at first sight itself. Men and beer are mysteriously connected and their companion for all ups and downs in life.

Let him learn to age his own whiskey, beer or wine by gifting him this Oak Barrel and give him a chance to take up a hobby he would love to follow.
This is your opportunity to gift him something he always wanted but even he himself never knew about it!
Don’t forget to also get an instruction on how to age and seal the barrel, he will need this or may mess out everything.


2. Popcorn Machine

Birthday gift ideas for Husband - Get a Popcorn

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Is your husband a popcorn addict?
Then is something he would love to have his very own popcorn machine that can be installed right in the kitchen or your media room.
Everyone loves popcorn and there is no reason, one can’t like this, just what a perfect gift sounds like.
Now imagine your whole family watching some cool movie right in comfort of your home and having almost limitless supply of on-demand popcorns!
This is what redefines complete meaning to ‘Netflix and Chill’
Now, your husbands would love to spend weekends more at home and having great time with you and his friends.

3. AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Laser Keyboard for husband

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If your husband is the one who lives and breathe technology and fascinated by ever evolving smart phones, then this is a gift you should seriously consider to buy for him.
Yes, a laser projected keyboard is now no more a dream but a reality which you can own for a fair price tag.
This Bluetooth enabled keyboard can easily pair up with iPhones, iPads and most other Bluetooth enabled device like Android phones and tablets.
Gift this innovative iPhone accessory to your husband this year as a gift and take him closer to future.
I think it will take few more years for iPhones or any other smartphone company to bring this feature inbuilt in device, but why wait when you could experience the future now!

4. 5 Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips

Golf BBQ Birthday set

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If you husband is an avid golfer or just love the sports and even loves cooking, then what could be better then combining both his love into a single gift.
Your husband will love this birthday gift so much that he just can’t wait to use it.
These utensils are high quality and are equally sturdy and strong as it should be. It comes in golf bag style bagging to make it appear cool, just the way men’s prefer.
By gifting this you will be actually having a double treat, as you would be getting food served right in front of you and see your husband cooking happily at the same time!
Don’t forget to compliment for his effort and delicious food!


5. Digital tape

Digital Tape a perfect gift for hobbyist

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One of the favorite hobby of almost every men is to build things. Every man has sometime or other has taken up this hobby. Some are really good at it and well some are kind of not that good, you know what I mean…..
But you can take the love of building things out from a man, not even if he is a disaster at it.
As soon as he sees an opportunity to build something he instincts gets activated and goes ahead to give it a try.
Well, this is actually a good thing and should be encouraged instead of discouraging it.
So tools that could increase his efficiency in this could be a great birthday gift.
One such thing is digital tape, this looks and functions like an ordinary tape, but measurement are digitally displayed in real time accurately and in proper unit as your require.

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We hope you like the best Birthday present compilation for your husband. Just see what fits best according to your husband likes and go ahead and gift him!
He is surely going to love any of these gifts or you could gift all of it!

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