Unique Birthday Presents For Girlfriend

For a girl a birthday is a big deal let it be her own or her closed ones, this is one of the day she eagerly awaits every year to come!

And when it’s her birthday, she expects you to show your love towards her and make that day memorable, so she can cherish thaat moments for rest of her life…..

Now, of course you being her boy friend she expects a lot from you on this special day and I am pretty sure you don’t want to take any chances or mess even a bit…. right?

And if you roll out things well, she will feel on top of the world!

So, what do you need to make this day special for her?

A super birthday present for her will do the magic that you are in search of….

“A real man never stops trying to show the girl how much she means to him, even after he has got her.”

This specially applies when it’s her birthday, so be sure to get that perfect present for her this year and to make your job easy in hunting the best we have already complied the list of best gifts she would definitely fall in love for…..


Top 5 Birthday Presents For Girlfriend

1. Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Girls Favorite gift - Chocolate fountain

Girls Love this chocolate fountain

No doubt this made to the top of the list. When it’s about gifting a girl, chocolates has to make it presence.

But this time instead of giving her just chocolates you can give a complete chocolate fountain.

Yes you heard it right a fully functional personal Chocolate fondue fountain.

This is a perfect female birthday gifts, everyone is no doubt going to love this!

It’s a 2 tier electric stainless steel tower and can hold up to 2lbs of melted chocolates.

This gift will give freedom to your girlfriend to throw a cool party anytime she wants at the comfort of her home, just because of your kind gesture and will remind of you every time she sees this….

One can serve fruit, marshmallows, cookies, cubes of cake, etc to dip in the flowing molten chocolate.

At this price, it’s something worth giving a try.

This fountain comes in 9 inch and 12 inch variants.


2. Sonic Foamer and Beer Head Enhancer

Beer foamer for girlfriend

She will love THIS gift!

Is your girlfriend a Beer lover?

Of course she loves it, doesn’t she?

If yes, then you should seriously consider gifting this.

But, what exactly is this thing? And why is it that special?

This is a sonic foamer brings out the flavors and aroma in your beer, which is normally lost.

It helps to create the perfect head and foam is just sensational.

Foaming results into less carbonation and more flavor.

Your beer will now taste better than ever! It enhances your drinking experience.

There is no reason a normal girl would not fall in love for this….

It requires 6 AA batteries to operate, so don’t forget to get batteries along with it.

Color changing LED light at its bottom just adds to its awesomeness.

What you need to do is to think so some good pick up line, how about “Let me blow up your beer” and present her this gift, I am sure she will be impressed by you.

Did you like this device a lot? Are you considering to buy one for yourself too?

Just go ahead and order 2 of this, I know you won’t be disappointed.


3. Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot

Girl Birthday Present

If she Love’s TEA, this is the gift you are looking for

If your girlfriend is someone who believes a lot in living a healthy life style, then is certainly she is going to love.

A borosilicate glass teapot is a thing you should give it a try that would be ideal for her if she loves green tea or moreover you would like to encourage her to take up green tea because of all different health benefit associated with it.

In addition to that this tea pot looks much better than traditional ceramic tea pot, its much like possessing a piece of art, that one could actually use in everyday life.

This little tea pot is soon going to be her favorite tea pot she ever owned.

This tea pot capacity is 700 ml, easy to use, clean and dishwasher safe.


4. Rainbow Vision Sand Picture

Awesome Birthday idea for girlfriend

Mesmerizing Gift!!

Do you want to play it safe on her birthday, by giving a traditional gift item?

Then this is the thing you were looking for “A Rainbow vision sand picture” it is a traditional gift item but with a surprising twist that will surely make someone mind sink calmly for it.

One can either use it as a desktop item or simply mount it on wall, as you prefer.

Once you have properly set it take a sit and let it do its work magnificently and I bet anyone will mesmerized by its action and you can catch several people in a day glazing at this beauty.

You can see unique set of mountains and valley form right in front of your eyes as you see it.

It doesn’t need any power source to operate; gravity is good enough for it.

So every turn is a treat for your eyes and sure to calm down anyone, a must have for someone having a hectic work schedule.

Get this master piece and let it create a number of other master piece pleasing you everyday!


5. Floating Mug


This is something, every girl will LOVE

If you are not much sure about likes and dislike about your girlfriend yet and want to play it safe, then coffee mug is something you should highly consider as a birthday present for girlfriend.

Coffee mug are all time favorite gift girls love to have and you can’t possibly go wrong it doesn’t even matter if she already had dozen other coffee mug, she would love to add one more to her collection.

One trick here is to gift a unique coffee mug that she probably has never owned before, if you are able to search such a mug than surely your mug will be her favorite soon.

Now we here to recommend you the best coffee mug she would love to have.

This mug is suspended over a coaster via the handle and is surprisingly stable and steady in spite of having a floating construction.

This is what makes this cup unique and awesome at the same time and it is microwave and dishwasher safe too.

So, if you are not sure about anything this is the best birthday present for a girl.


I hope loved our top 5 birthday presents for girlfriend recommendation and are now very well clear which suits the best for your girl.

If you gift any of this do share your experience with us, we love hearing you!

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